A Miami based Electronic music producer performing

 Live hardware based performances

 blending custom audiovisuals  with N30 style Techno, Acid, Psychedelic electronica for the 21st century.
3ReV is also available to provide tutoring and instruction via session and workshops. Sign up for info 

Sept 26 - Headspace Show with Special Guest
Sept 8 Synthesizer Demo at the Arsht Center  4:30PM for ArtsLaunch 2018

Would you like to Know More?

7-8PM - Last Wednesday of Every month on joltradio.org

3ReV’s Headspace is journey into the past present and future of electronic music with forays and detours in to progressive, Fusion, World music and  Obscurities.
In addition to curated sets, 3ReV will host live performances of original works,  local artists as well as synthesizer/electronic music news and nerdyiness.

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